Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring cleaning, Moxie Style

With a little encouragement from MoxieClean, spring cleaning is well underway here at my house. Yesterday's mission was cleaning out the dreaded over stocked, shamefully unorganized kitchen cabinets. I took everything out, scrubbed the cabinets down, disinfected, weeded out some unused items, consolidated packaging, found some more logical homes for some things, organized everything, and put it all back in. Fwew! It feels so much better. I was only able to get to all of our upper cabinets yesterday and hope to tackle all of the bottom cabinets soon as well.

This photo begs the question, does one really need a coffee pot, French press, and a stove top espresso maker? Really? Apparently, in our kitchen, the answer, for some reason, is yes.


Hennifer said...

I'm dying to know if the cupboards with the baking soda, oils, etc ended up being mostly tossed out or moved to your pantry. My cupboard like that is a MESS. I need to get containers for my spices bought in bulk

Jacob Blankenship said...

Yeah that cabinet is always a problem for me too. I moved all of the bottles of stuff (soy sauce, teryaki, Worcestershire, liquid smoke, fish sauce, etc) to the door of the pantry. I moved some spices to new spice canisters on the fridge, and moved our extra spices into a bin of spices on the top of our pantry (which is where we keep all of the bulk spices to refill the canisters on the fridge. I organized and consolidated our extracts (we have a lot of vanilla in various forms, and also almond, maple, orange, lemon, and rum). I put some random unnecessary kitchen tools aside for a garage sale or donation, and that is pretty much it. The uniform spice containers are key I think. It is just so hard to commit to a system.

pksarna said...

Dang, biznitch. Looks good!

I joined you're little club last night. It all started because I was making lemonade. I had all these lemon peels left. So, i threw them in a bowl and zapped them in the microwave. Let all the crud get soft. Still scrubbed, but not as much as I usually would. Washed the plate too.

While that was going, I sprayed down the stove with oven cleaner. Let that sit, gave Seb a hot soak (he sprained his ankle) in a tub with salt. Came back. Broomed the floor. Wiped down the stove, counter tops, microwave, and washed the utensil rest that lives on the stove.

It was great, fast, and you and the Moxie Team totally encouraged me. The microwave tip was great. It set the whole half hour cleaning spree off. Loved looking at the stove this morning.

Now, have to tackle the bedroom and the dreaded hall closet.

Jacob Blankenship said...

Dang yo self trucka! Look at chu' wit' cho mad skills. Gold star for Puja!

Waking up to a clean house is SO nice. It just makes your whole day better. And all it really takes (for me at least) is not thinking and just getting up and doing. Because it never takes nearly as long as I think it will, and the longer I sit and think and stew about doing it, the more horrible and insurmountable it feels. But really, 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there, is all it really takes. And everything feels nice and clean and fresh for springtime. Hooray!

Hennifer said...

Welcome to the club Puja!!!

I do love how doing one small tasks sets in motion moving on to others, unless of course I have plans and then am torn between leaving my house and staying until every last crumb is obliterated :-)

Jacob - Yes, I will have to figure out a spice system