Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kitchen Cabinets: The continuing saga

My MoxieClean kitchen spring cleaning marches on... Here are some more of my cabinets that I was able to get around to today. Luckily the sheer mortification that I feel in presenting the before shots to you has been momentarily tempered by my pride in having been able to redo all of I am putting my shame aside for a moment to bask in my own cleaning glory. While our home may be a clutter free, "sparkling showroom" (as some have called it), just behind our cabinet doors was our dirty little, shamefully cluttered secret.

I forgot to take a before picture of this one, needless to say it was much worse than this.


Megan said...

Lookin' good! Let me know if you have any cool kitcheny stuff needing a new home ;)

gabrielle said...

you have done SO much! hot damn! i am thoroughly impressed. there is something magical that happens when cleaning, it's so much easier to feel good about yourself and your life when you KNOW that the inside corners of your cabinets are sparkly white.

i need to get on that! ;)

pksarna said...

Looking good (you bitch)!

PS: I want to see your Tupperware cabinet or drawer. How do people manage to keep that clean. I currently have a tub of containers and lids, and needless to say, its not desirable to keep it that way. I just don't see any good alternatives to that.