Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Simple "Tupperware" Storage Solutions

Someone on MoxieClean asked about solutions for cluttered Tupperware storage, which I think is a problem for all of us. Here was my response, in which I describe how I have come to solve this problem in my own kitchen:

Well I too can feel your pain. Long have I suffered with disheveled cabinets and/or overflowing Tupperware drawers. But no more. I finally had to simply make the choice and let everything I had go. Just let it go. My simple solution had been in front of me the whole time, with my dear friend Ina (who lives on TV). At Smart n' Final (or the Cash n' Carry for the Oregonians) they sell cylindrical, plastic deli containers. They have varying grades of thickness, and I prefer their thickest (with the brand name "Newspring") I purchase the 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz sizes, and stack them all in our deepest drawer (or cabinet). They are very inexpensive and come in quantity (it might be a 15 dollar investment to start) and best of all, they all use the EXACT SAME LID. So I have four neat and orderly stacks (small, medium, large, and lids). No more searching or fumbling. No muss. No fuss. The good news too, is that because they are so inexpensive, I don't give a second thought to sending left overs home with friends in them, or running the risk of accidentally leaving them somewhere. I use them in the fridge and the freezer, and they are dishwasher safe, and can be used again and again and again. They have been a godsend for me and my cabinets. And hey, if it is good enough for Ina, it is good enough for me. =)

For those of you who asked for it, here is a picture of our "Tupperware" (and kitchen towel) drawer. Hope this helps! =)


Megan said...

Someday I must visit this mythical "Cash 'n' Carry" you speak of so often.

pksarna said...

Fuck you very much.

Sorry, I mean I hate you very much.

No, sorry, I meant thank you very much. Seems so simple and more organized than I could have imagined. And, you aren't hurting to get get back containers from friends. (Perhaps, its different for Indians or just our circle of friends, but we always return containers, and we always return them with something else in them--home made treat, fruit, something. It feels so odd to ask my American friends for tupperware back...) Guess its just a cultural difference.

Thanks for illuminating this part of my life. I will be better.