Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday, Sunday. . .So good to me

After sleeping in, and waking up without an alarm, Bentley and I spent the morning in our pjs leisurely reading the Sunday paper, and luxuriating over a delicious breakfast of banana pancakes. After a short but decadent nap (to sleep off our pancake induced coma), we spent the afternoon at Bed Bath and Beyond buying new Calphalon non-stick skillets (10, 12, and 14 inch), which I have been wanting/needing to do for quite some time (as all non-stick pans really should be replaced semi annually with heavy use, for a number of good reasons).

We picked (which is to say stole) rainier cherries from an industrial complex, and took a languid stroll down by the train tracks collecting bouquets of wild daisies, California poppies, and the ubiquitous sweet pea, and checking on some wild Italian prune plums, which are not quite ripe yet. It was perfectly charming, very little house on the prairie (you know, if they were to have had an urban agricultural crime special).

We topped off our day, with a delicious dinner of spicy panang and massaman Thai curry, and by watching Revolutionary Road. Toward the end of the movie we started smelling smoke, and looked out our back windows to see huge plumes of smoke, and realized with equal parts horror and fascination that a house just around the corner was on fire. We gathered with the rest of our neighborhood onlookers, and commiserated over the tragedy of the situation. Fire is scary. Period. It was good to know, however, that there was swift response from both our little community and the emergency personnel. It is nice to see that even in this disconnected world that we live in, that neighbors, whom you may not even know, are still looking out for one another. And in that strange kind of boy are we thankful for all that we have sort of way it was the perfect end to an essentially perfect Sunday.


pksarna said...

what a refreshing perspective! You're positive outlook allowed you to see the details of life and look how you & Bentley enjoyed the day! Even, seeing the starkness of fire as a powerful force, and seeing the community that came together--that's all stemming from a great perspective.

PS: Mama loves banana pancakes. If you're recipe if puja's-a-fool-proof, then I will give it a go. I'll save it for once she gets home.

Cheyenne said...

I love Bentley lounging in his pj's. So, what section of the paper does he read first, and please tell me you're talking about the Oregonian and not the Statesman.

pksarna said...

gorgeous pans...what's a good price?