Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jacob's CakeCups

I threw together some cupcakes for the lovely Darbie, who is hosting a wedding shower for a friend of hers. I tried to stay in the color theme (which is to say, the brides chosen colors...see below), and think that, while I am clearly not a Benjamin Moore paint matching, color expert, I think it still reads as her palette. They are not super fancy, but I think they look kind of sweet.


Megan said...

That is, um, quite a, er, color palette. The cupcakes do look tasty though!

Jacob Blankenship said...

They wouldn't be the colors that I would choose, per se, but she is as entitled as anyone else to be surrounded by the colors that she loves on her own wedding day.

pksarna said...

To each, their own colors. They are nice for summer and incredibly rich.

Those are just the loveliest cupcakes though. I love how the white, iridescent dust sets everything off, and ties it all together in a appropriately, bridal fashion.

(And, congrats to the bride!)