Monday, December 1, 2008

Pesto Pasta Salad


pksarna said...

I love carbs. They are wonderful!

I wish carbs, gin and cigarettes were all good for you.


Jacob Blankenship said...

They may not be good for your body, but they all are certainly good for your soul.



pksarna said...

i hear you bro. was this a catering order?

we have sign ups for the potluck at work. i wonder what to bring that would be a crowd pleaser. I'm already committed to cranberry sauce because it was LOVED the last two years.


Cheyenne said...

I got to experience the unique torture of B handing me a dish of this incredible salad and offering me half. Needless to say, I ate as fast as I could and gave her a sheepish look when I handed back the dish with seven noodles in it.