Friday, November 28, 2008

gobble gobble. . .

Our newly remodeled bathroom

Freshly painted "bonus room"

A couple of rushed, blurry pics just before dinner. . .

A fancy table for Hannah and Clemlette. Just their size.

Damn that tryptophan!


Cheyenne said...

My favorite thing is the extra wide sink in your bathroom--yes I used the bathroom, there I said it. I'm big and need some elbow room yo.

Gorgeous digs, splendid dinner.


B Kinch said...

Look at your little boy! He's a little festive fox.

pksarna said...

Wow, that looks divine. I think its great that you did a kids table. I totally remember that from childhood holidays.

Really glad that yours turned out so well.


Hennifer said...

Glad you had a fabulous holiday! I'm sorry I could not join and sorrier still that I wasn't thoughtful enough to say I wouldn't make it.

The place looks splendid! I'm so eager to get to hang out with you all at the cookie party

gabrielle said...

it was soooo beautiful and sooooo good, jacob! spending the holidays with you is one of the finest things in life.