Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just another magic bullet?

In the same way that Michael Moore's movies are worth watching, despite his often ridiculous tactics, unabashed spin, and thinly veiled agenda, so too is this film. In the end, beyond the spin, there is good information to be had, new information, blatantly obvious, commonsensical information. That is the stuff that scares me. Are there global conspiracies to form one totalitarian world government? Probably not. But what about the little things that we let slide under the guise of governmental bureaucracy.

Why aren't we asking questions?

Why do we accept "no comment" as a legitimate answer from our elected representatives?

Where has our anger gone?

Was Rosie O'Donnell right all along?

Granted,I must admit, my mind does lend itself well to conspiracy theorizing. . .I mean implant one little seed of doubt (like the aforementioned movie) and all I need do is look around to find support for its claims. Evidence is suddenly all around us. And, scarily, my mind begins to weave all of it together. Like perhaps this is the unifying theory to explain all of the conspiracy theories that have become so common as to be practically urban legend. Now I consider myself to be somewhat intelligent, logical and rational, and even I can't seem to dismiss some of these claims.
I guess it is the possibility of their accuracy that haunts me.

If a plane didn't crash into the pentagon, what did? And do you know that one did? Really?

Why did tower seven collapse without being struck by a plane?

Can jet fuel really vaporize thousands of feet of steal and concrete? Turning three buildings into nothing more than six inches of dust spread round the city?

My fear is not in the answers to the questions. My fear is in our not even thinking to ask them.

I must go. I can only think about these things in moderation, for fear of being consumed by them, winding up rocking in the corner, my head wrapped in aluminum foil to keep the government from reading my thoughts.

Is ignorance bliss? Really?


Cheyenne said...

i too ponder these very questions to an unhealthy degree, and my advice, since every facet of every system is fraudulent and corrupt, is to dig a hole in the sand next to me and stick your head in it.

pity, it will spoil your beautiful make-up.

btw, it was a missile that hit the pentagon.


Jacob Blankenship said...

Not according to the 9/11 commission's report...

officially, on the record, it was a plane. No plane debris was found (having been vaporized by jet fuel) but remains of human bodies were (having been left intact).

If it was a missile, from where was it launched? And by whom? The 19 hijackers had only box cutters remember? Maybe we should ask them, seeing as 6 of the men on the list of said hijackers are still alive!!!

dun dun DUN!!!!

Cheyenne said...

i'm sorry to say that *we* fired the missile, to facilitate the broader agenda of justifying the inavsions of afghanistan and iraq to the american poeple.

how do you like THEM apples?

Jacob Blankenship said...



good times.