Friday, April 2, 2010

Sector 9 Update

My curtains are finally done! They add some drama and luxury to the room. I have had that bolt of fabric in the back of my closet for four years now (I bought the whole bolt on super sale for $13 at a going out of business sale, and knew that i would some day put it to good use). It is so nice to see them up and my room feeling a little more complete. Sigh. Oh curtains... why you so good to me? Now I just have to find some tie backs that I actually like, and all will be fabulous with the world! (note: the flash on my jenk camera makes them look a little more golden and less a rich emerald green, but you get the idea...jeez.)


Hennifer said...

Gorgeous! I'm so design ignorant. I didn't admit it at the time but I was confused as to why you needed curtains when you already had them, I see now my guffaw!

I love that you clarified about the true color of the fabric. I hate that about cameras.

B Kinch said...