Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sector 9

When we first got our house, my bedroom was little more than a graffiti riddled, primer gray, skate park of a disaster area, which we lovingly referred to as "Sector 9" (which had been inexplicably spray painted on the wall by the previous owner). Slowly but surely we have moved through the house, room by room, and revamped this fixer upper, and Sector 9 finally got its turn. Here are some of the before and after pictures. Granted, it is still a work in design process, and my curtains still need to be sewn (though I have all of the fabric and trim for them) and I need to purchase a few more accessories, but you get the general idea.


B Kinch said...

Bentley's new room is gorgeous!

gabrielle said...

it's really, so very lovely! you're living like a real queen now, Jacob, and it's about damn time! <3

and can't wait until the birdcage has a plant!

Hennifer said...

The room really is lovely, and thank you for the before pictures!

pksarna said...

I love your chandelier. Love. Capital L.

Looks gorgeous.