Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thyme for an Update!!!

Well, after 12 short weeks coming all the way from seeds, our small attempt at gardening this year has turned out quite well. I am a proud papa. The chives have flourished, and we snip off hand fulls at a time to use several times a week. The dill, unfortunately, has come and gone to seed already but it came up plentifully, and lived a good life. And my little babies (the thyme and sage) have been nursed along from tiny seedlings. . . and while we were all melting in the recent heat wave, they could not have been happier.

You'll remember the sage/thyme seven weeks ago:

And look at them now...all grown up (wipes tear from eye):


Pamela said...

baby plants are sweet. I manage to murder them, though. :)

Megan said...

MMM, Sage is high on my list to grow next year. I've got a great recipe for sage cream sauce that is killer.

pksarna said...

Congrats dude! Glad to see your garden thriving! (PS: I hate you!)

Lionel Messi said...

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