Monday, August 18, 2008


The amazing, the delicious, the irresistible Pecan Bars of happiness.

While I was granted the ability to produce these magical confections, unfortunately, (through some horribly evil, cosmic, voodoo curse) I am allergic to pecans. I cannot, I must not give in to their siren song, no matter how delicious they may look, no matter how good they might smell.

Oh Satan, why are your evil nuts so temptingly delicious?


gabrielle said...

these...may be my favorite things in the history of the universe (that you make)....g*ddamn!

Hennifer said...

what a tragedy... I am not allergic and yet, I HATE pecans!

How, how, HOW? Gabrielle can these be your favorites.

Forgive me for judging on contents alone but really?

gabrielle said...

oh baby, they're divine! you have no idea!