Thursday, July 31, 2008

traveling circus

Taking a cue from those of you who inventory the contents of your purses, and having not a man bag, or European carry all of my own, I decided that my car would have to suffice. So here is a (ridiculous) list of my car's (and its trunk's) current contents (excepting, of course, the usual glove box suspects).

30 plus books (on feminism, queer theory, and sociology)
20 plus bound readers (on the same topics, from college)
6 The Best Of Gourmet Magazine cookbooks
2 Glass pitchers
1 Plastic pitcher, with lid
3 Cake pedestals (of varying sizes)
2 Large white platters
2 Folding chairs
3 Large wicker baskets
1 Spring-green table cloth
3 White ramekins
3 Empty mason jars
1 Stainless steel powdered sugar shaker
1 Silicone loaf pan
1 White casserole dish, with lid
6 Square, disposable aluminum cake pans, with lids
1 Small crystal vase
1 Large glass vase
1 Rhinestone tiara (no, seriously)
1 Enameled cast iron trivet
1 Large bag of paper plates, napkins, plastic forks, and plastic cups
1 XXX-small blue polo shirt (for Bentley)
1 Extend-able leash
1 Small Tupperware container of dry dog food
1 Small Tupperware container of water
1 Black, mesh pet carrier
5 Cans diet, caffeine-free Pepsi


gabrielle said...

and really, isn't this a perfect listing of who you ARE...

1 part feminism
1 part kitchen ware
1 part dog caring
1 part tiara

Jacob Blankenship said...

Yep. I'm all feminism, white dishes, small dogs, and rhinestones.

Why? 'Cause I'm shallow.


Cheyenne said...

In choosing a favorite, the tiara is too obvious, so I'm going with the cake pedestals in varying sizes. That made me laugh out loud.

Just like a Boy Scout...