Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Oh hot damn! This is my jam. . ."

Yesterday we went blueberry picking (I mean "$1.00 you-pick blueberries" are there any more beautiful words in the English language?) and came home with a little over twenty pounds. It really is the most charming activity. It just seems so wholesome, and is also somehow kind of zen. Whenever we go, however, I always find myself humming the Gummie Bears theme song which gets stuck in my head (as the bushes and the activity itself just conjure images of gummie berry bushes in my mind... lord knows why) So there I am happily picking away singing to myself as my fellow pickers look on in amusement ("Dashing and daring, Courageous and caring, Faithful and friendly, With stories to share. All through the forest, They sing out in chorus, Marching along, As their song fills the air...").

We intend on going back next week, right around the peak of the season to hand pluck some more with which to fill up our freezer. I braved the heat today, and stood over the stove stirring my cauldron of bubbling blueberry sugar, and was able to get through several batches of Blueberry Jam (my first batch of jam this year). So it officially feels like summer.

Hooray for jam!


B Kinch said...

You gonna take that jam to the fair?

pksarna said...

Looks smashing...send a gal a jar!

PS: I just wanted to say that i was with you in the WalMart when the two ladies yelled 'its my jam!' and started getting down to the music piped in over the WalMart speakers.